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1) 7-Hour Facebook Ads Expert Bootcamp
  • Instant Facebook Funnel — Build Your First High Converting Facebook Funnel LIVE In Just  30 Minutes!
  • Pixel Ninja — Master The Facebook Pixel Instantly And Create Those "Funnels That Chase You Around"
  • Copywriting "Lego Blocks" System — The "Copy + Paste" Copywriting Method That Creates Highly Converting Funnels WITHOUT Actually Writing Copy Yourself
  • Secret Of Facebook Images — The Exact Images To Use That Gets Faster And Better Results
  • The Highest Converting Funnel Templates — The Exact Plug & Play Template For The Highest Converting Facebook Funnels
2) Consultant Secrets
Learn how to work with REAL people and easily create them excellent Facebook Funnels. 

Includes everything from "client on-boarding", to delivering the funnel, to measuring & troubleshooting.
  • Instant Niche Expert 
    The Research Method To Instantly Penetrate And Become A Niche Expert In The Shortest Amount Of Time.
  •  10 x Deep Dive B2B Niche Reports
    Don't start from scratch! Dive into these 10 niche reports and discover which niche is BEST FOR YOU to start with!
  •  Approved! 
    Get the one click install "Power Proposal Template" that positions you as an niche specialist and expert.
  •  The Appointment Generation Machine!
    This funnel automatically fills up your calendar with qualified appointments, hungry for help with Facebook Ads.
  •  The Mass-Client Funnel
    This Facebook Funnel stands out from all the other consultant funnel, and generates insanely cheap B2B leads.  
    -- using my proprietary copy angle that NO ONE has caught on yet outside of my students.
  •  Word For Word Enrollment Script
    — This enrollment script "closes clients" without closing them. This is no pressure sales method that generates A LOT of sales! 
This WILL make you a true Facebook Funnel Consultant so you can feel totally confident you can work with clients and deliver them powerful results.
3) Testimonial & Graduation Program
As part of this program, you will have access to a pool of REAL PEOPLE that are willing to let you prove yourself for FREE. 

— Like the barber school offers free “test clients” for students.

  • Get Free Trial Clients 
    Get instant access to a group of business owners who volunteered to want to work with Facebook Consultants.
  • Your Case Study
    Turn that first success story into a case study to get future clients.
  •  Graduate With Real World Results
  • Now you've proven yourself in the real world, this is the golden key to going out to public businesses and winning deals.
By the end of this you will have a REAL WORLD testimonial and case study from the pool of potential clients we provide you. 
4) 11 x Highly Profitable Plug & Play Funnels
These are PLUG AND PLAY Facebook Funnels from the real world that 7-figure agencies have been dying to get their hands on...
  • Proven Niches For You To Start With  — If you're not sure where to start, pick one of these funnels and use it as your own case study for your clients.
  • Real World Offers — Proven real world offers.
  • 100% Complete Copy — Each funnel comes with a template where you mostly just need to change the name of the business and it just works.
  • Facebook Targeting Profiles Included — Wondering who is the ideal target market for this funnel? Just plug in the included Facebook targeting!
  • Images Included — See the exact images that were used in these ads so you can instantly model them and use them in your own Facebook Funnels.
  • Funnel Variations  Included — So you can take this to MORE niches and have even more funnels in your toolbox.
Now you'll instantly have a 11 real world funnels to start with! 
-- Which actually can be easily expanded into ~30 different niches!
5) High Paying Happy Clients System
And with the High Paying Happy Clients System, you'll get all
...the training
...the systems
...the tools

 This is absolutely the key for a high yearly income. 
And These Limited Bonuses Have Been Added To Your Account:
~In the next enrollment, these will only be available in the higher tiered program which will be priced 2x to 3x as much.~
Bonus #1
The secrets of the highest paid consultants and marketing agencies is that they’ve established themselves as EXPERTS in the market place. 
With this training and system you will be able to rapidly become an authority and dominate your space. 

Included "total brand package" that showcases you as the #1 authority in your niche, with website, high ticket funnel and everything you need to scale to 7-figures.

Bonus #2
Mass-Clients From Email (For Free)
World authority on “cold emailing” Rob Pene, will show you can build a massive email list with tens of thousands of emails of high ticket business owner emails — FOR FREE. 

And his cold email system that will turn that massive list into more clients than you can handle. 
  • The Highest Converting Email Template  — Get Rob's HIGHEST converting template that turns strangers to clients EN MASS.
  • Email Variation Generator — Follow along Rob as he shows you how to instantly create alternative emails so you can generate even more sales. 
  • Million Dollar Prospecting — How to get the email addresses of million dollar businesses for free and enroll them as your clients.
  •  Mass Email Automation — How to automate the ENTIRE emailing process (from gathering to emailing) so you can build a massive list of prospects + clients on auto-pilot.
  • Bonus: Rob's Method For Generating Sales Without EVER Selling Yourself.

By the end of this you will have a system that automatically gathers hundreds (or thousands) of emails and automatically gets them to WORK WITH YOU! 
--All for free. It's totally insane. 

BTW — I met Rob Pene AFTER I launched my initial course, and his addition of this training has MASSIVELY accelerated the success of my students. 

Bonus #3
The only way to scale to 7-figures and beyond is by having a system that AUTOMATES your own marketing and sales. 

With this system I will show you exactly how the best of the best do it. 

Once you set this system on and turn it up, it will start generating a massive influx of qualified leads and turn those into paying clients.

Bonus #4
Go through our entire certification process and have proof to demonstrate your elite level to your future clients. 
On top of that, you’ll be added to our certified specialists list on our website with a prestigious profile and endorsements from other experts. 

This is an extremely limited bonus, only available immediately.
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Mass-Clients From Email (For Free)
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